Ultra Fast Fermentation on Merlot Juice Must

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Jan 9, 2024
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Metrowest Boston
Hi All, I have a question regarding my most recent batch. It's a 2 gallon must in a 3 gallon pail. It's a Merlot from Coloma, 2 quarts of concentrate. I started this wine on 4/21 in the AM. Specs were SG 1.086, PH @3.5, room temp at 70 plus degrees. Added one cup of sugar, grape seeds and oak chips, yeast nutrient and pectic all before taking my readings. I stirred the must daily and it was sizzling pretty good but not enough to blow off the air lock. That was kind of mysterious as I've made many batches in this bucket and expected activity. This morning I opened the bucket and the must was very still, you could see the yeast still barely active if you looked at the must from the side, but it was virtually still. On a lark, I did an SG and the must is at .998. That's almost 12% in 3.5 days? Is it possible for a wine must to virtually complete that quickly? I never saw any heavy boiling, just a consistent activity like an alka seltzer tablet dissolving. Any thoughts? Thanks!
Oh, and I used EC118 yeast for this batch.

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