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Nov 14, 2021
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Kent, OH
We’ll, I made another single batch of Tropical
Lime (this is a great wine) and for the first time with this kit I have an issue. I followed directions (added a couple ounces of lime juice), and at the end of ferment I noticed a few ‘DNA’ looking strands of white floating things. I racked for clearing thinking that by leaving the top ‘layer’ of wine behind and adding the KMeta and Sorbate, and degassing it would take care of the issue.

I was wrong. 10 days into clearing I have a white ‘glob’ on top of the wine. I don’t know what it is. The wine below the surface looks fantastic and is clearing nicely. All buckets and utensils were cleaned and sanitized. Whatever this is, it’s not from the clearing Carboys as it is in the 5 gal and the 1 gal Carboys.

At this point I plan on finishing the clearing and carefully racking the 5 and 1 gallon Carboys into a 6 gal food safe bucket (hopefully leaving behind this ‘gunk’), add 1/4 tsp more KMeta stir, leave for an hour and then bottle.

Anyone have better ideas or thoughts?
I thought the white globs were floating dead yeast boats and nothing to worry to about. I believe you worry if they turn black or green like mold. Yeah, I would just transfer the good wine underneath the globs and hit it with a dose of Kmeta. Should be fine.
Thanks for the recommendations. Sounds like we are in agreement. Rack carefully, leave behind the white stuff. Kmeta, and I’m going to bottle this quick.

I’ve made this kit before, Orchard Breezin I believe, very good tasting wine kit. I’ve made a lot of the Island Mist and Orchard Breezin kits, all of them are good.

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