Raspberry & blackberry started.

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Aug 28, 2009
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I have 6 gals. of each going now with the raspberry a week earlier than the blackberry. The wild blackberries are going crazy now, I have 45 quarts in the freezer now and will pick another 15 tomorrow. The question I have is the raspberry has stopped bubbling in the secondary already and wondering if this is normal, transferred at SG 1.02, not really starting to clear yet but it's only been one week. The blackberry is still burping in the secondary but it's only been 4 days so not concerned. Being a rookie I am reading and watching carefully.
Hello and welcome to the forum Elsababe,

two big batches.. especially blackberry..I wish!

It may be that your raspberry is finished fermenting already, in warm temperatures they can be really quick.. check the sg again.. over a three day period and if there is no change.. it's done... then you can move onto adding your sulphites and sorbates ..

are you going to sweeten it?..

Sounds right to me, some batches will just ferment faster then others as even with the same ingredients and same yeast a packet of yeast can perform beter and multiply much more then another resulting in a faster fermentation.
I am following a beginners book so am proceeding cautiously and may need to after sampling.
I always taste it to see where things are (in between checking the SG).... if it's still very sweet, then it's not ready. If it has any off smells or flavors, this is when I start to worry that my temp got too high, that sort of thing. I like to sample / get feedback very often during the primary phase.

For instance, I started 2 batches the same day and one was finished (fermentation wise) in 12 days, the other is still going. Both same temperature/ everything. Of course the ingredients are different.
I started a must of black raspberry the other day. I used Pasteur Red yeast for the first time and noticed it is a foamer. Well Thursday night I checked the SG and it was 1.014 so,without thinking of the foaming issue, I racked it. Then I spent the next 24hrs. cleaning up the mess from what I like to call Volcanic fermentation. Live and learn I say! I am letting the watermellon go a day or two longer since it is foaming pretty well and I used Champagn yeast in it?
Sounds like you are moving right along to me. Keep us posted.

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