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I have some ph test papers coming. If the ph is too low, how can I make it better for the yeast?
I'd use potassium carbonate, but only if the pH is below 2.9.

I'm cautious about changing acid pre-fermentation. Go lightly with additions, as it's easy to over-do it, and it's far easier to add more than to take some out.
The strangest thing, I followed the recipe you said and used reverse osmosis water. The yeast did really well for a few hours. This morning it looked like almond milk. No activity. It looked dead. I'm using Red Star Premier Blanc and it's not expired. What are your thoughts? thanks for helping me!
Well FYI, I tried the ec1118 workhorse and let it rise in sugar water, yeast, and the nutrient in RO water and it died while waiting. The Redstar Premier Blanc did the same thing and died. Now on my last hope, I tried the Red Star Premier classique that came with my wine kit. Followed the same thing, bloomed it for about 1 hour, poured in and it went to town and is doing great. What gives with yeast dying on the other two? Crazy. The lime pulp juice is fermenting great. Now the only diff is I did not put nutrient in the classique. I think I'm going to use Classique from now on. If I can't get the other yeast to start, what good is this yeast and that yeast for a better or diff taste if they die? I got $20 in yeast that I can't trust, bummer.
I got $20 in yeast that I can't trust, bummer.
I don’t think they died, just stopped dividing when they ran out of food. If you were to add more sugar they would have likely reinvigorated.

When I leave a starter overnight it’s usually still by morning as you described. They take right off when added to the must.