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Aug 22, 2009
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Figure I post up something as we have worked alot of wine recently. Right now we have about 50 gallons of wine working. We will probably rack off another few gallons of it when all is said and done. Mostly due to pulp fermenting apple at the last chance for our growing season and lack of time.

this is what's working:
-15 gal of pecan
-16 gal of apple
-3 gal of thai basil
-3 gal of another variety of basil (not sure which)
-7 gal of concord
-5 gal of black currant
-3 gal experiment

from the pics you can see that we use all the C02 being produced. both my parents came from farming families and both love gardening and plants in general. whenever i say "we" i mean me and my dad, as this is really his venture to begin with. i got involved after tasting his first batches.

Do you actually drink the Thai basil and basil wine or use it for cooking ? I'm trying to imagine what it tastes like . Did you just uncover then to take the pics ? Looks like you will be busy for awhile when's the first one ready to bottle ? Ok I won't ask anymore questionbs ,right now anyways lol .
Wow, I see a lot of lees in 1 of those! Thats also a lot of sunlight and would cover them with paper bags or T shirts as sunlight and flourescent lights arent good for wine. That Pecan sounds very intersting to me!
M.V. looks really good. I like seeing all the different colors of wine together. I bet that room smells really good. What an awesome place to take a nap smelling the wine and listening to the air locks and watching them.
Like Wade said way to much light. Toss a sheet or blanket over the carboys
the lees is from apple that was pulp fermented. we need a faster way to do apple with 2 people. 150#'s of it in one evening was tooo much and we didn't want it to oxidize.

if you look in the pic, there's towels there on the floor. we cover them with 2 layers. temps stay about 60 F in there right now, but in the summer i bet it's closer to 80F. ok for winter, but less than ideal in summer. should have a better place to work wine this coming spring. think 30 x 30 with dedicated heat, water (well w/ 30 gal/min flow) and electric :p

Leanne, the party is anytime you want to come out and visit! lol. just a lil hop across the pond, eh?

oh, and if anyone from the MO wants to stop by and chat or taste some wine, you are welcome. pm me. although, we are out of pecan and most of our better wines. that's what happens when you move and go into a project like we have.

next up: raspberry chipotle, nothing like a sweet rasp with kick to heat up your winter!
I was going to come up but youve only invited Leanne and people from MO!!!!!!:m:)
I was going to come up but youve only invited Leanne and people from MO!!!!!!:m:)

lol we're about centered in MO, so if you are outta state, you've got a drive. come on out wade. just take the guest bedroom or something cuz we tend to open more than a few!!!! :gn

but c'mon now, a girl with a british accent and makes wine? atleast gotta give an invite there. lol
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Looks like you'll be having quite a collection. :)
Very nice wines!
If Im up your way we'll have to make a night of it!:dg

that would be cool. maybe pick your brain on the wines a bit. never hurts to get some criticism. we always look to improve. there's always room to do so with wine too!

thanks xanxer! :b

hope to come up with some other crazy concoctions soon!

anyone know if there are any sources of American produced cocoa nibs? we would like to add some chocolate flavor to some of our wines, but part of the liqour license states US products only. IIRC, we got our nibs from madagascar.

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