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Feb 20, 2009
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**I searched this phrase "adding cinnamon to secondary" and the only post that pulled up was mine :D

Here is my dillemma, I will be racking a batch of mead to the secondary tonight, I have tested it daily and added nutrients as recommended...and the sg is right about where it needs to be to rack. BUT, tasting it (couldn't help it) I discovered the cinnamon undertones I was looking for is just not there.

SO I was wondering if I could rack, then add a couple sticks to the secondary? Or would I be better off boiling the sticks for a while in water, and just adding the water to the secondary?
You sure can add themand it may impart some color in your wine but I dought it and it wouldnt be much if it did.
This is interesting. I tried to impart some pepper flavor to my mead and had the same problem! I've never added a flavoring well into the process. Let me know how it turns out.

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