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  • Wow, I am sorry I did not see this before! Glad to know I am not alone! I have been doing a lot of research on cutting out the chemicals...thank you for the book recommendation!!
    I agree with your puzzlement on how why we now have turned to chemists to create libations. C.J.J. Berry's First steps in winemaking books boast of using very little chemical additions to his wines and all the recipes I have tried are good.
    Maybe not using so many chemicals has worked for me bcuz I have only been making wine about 2 years (which is what the majority of the people in this forum believe is the expiration date of our creations.)
    I like to shake things up a bit and use natural ingredients as catalysts, such as using Fruit Fresh instead of "acid blend", etc.
    I just wanted you to know that you aren't the only "purist" in the world (or in this forum, at least.) Break a leg!
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