PVC and sulfites

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Feb 27, 2009
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I want to use a 2 foot section of 3 inch pvc pipe to hold a K-meta sanitizing soloution to sanitize my wine thief and racking canes. Does anyone know of any adverse effects k-meta might have on pvc?
Both pvc and cpvc are very tolerant of alkali/acids. Cpvc is a a littel more expansive and better with warmer temps in case you are using hot water also.
Another idea that I use is a wallpaper tray. Its very inexpensive and it will hold your long spoons, hoses, canes, etc. Just make sure you get one long enough.
Thats a great idea. That is what I was using.:) I want to switch to the pvc so I can leave the soloution in it and cap it off for later use.
I store my bulk solution in a 3 liter wine bottle with screw on cap. I fill a squirt bottle and use it to spray anything I want to sanitize.The bad news is I had to drink the wine out of the 3 L. first. Ahhh what I will do for my hobby.