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For Sale Selling complete wine making kit

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Jan 18, 2023
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Hello all I am selling a north mountain supply kit. Has everything needed and I will also include a case of 12, 750ml clear bottles and a bottle of white Riesling grape concentrate. Attached is photo of the kit as well as the bottles, grape concentrate and description of what is included in the kit. I am in Jackson, MS. for anyone within driving distance, if too far to drive I will ship. I am asking $185 and does include the shipping. Anyone able to meet rtf I will go $150. Either way it’s a lot less than what I paid to have all this delivered to me. A rtf meeting, cash only to ship I prefer PayPal. Thank all……CHEERS!

Included: Step by step instructions • 6.5 gallon fermenter • fermenter lid with grommet for airlock • 3 gallon glass carboy • solid #6.5 bung • #6.5 drilled rubber bung • 2 airlocks • nylon straining bag • 8 oz. oxygen sanitizing wash • ~50 campden tablets • 2 oz. pectic enzyme • 1 oz. potassium sorbate stabilizer • 5 x 5g Premier Classique yeast • 8 oz. yeast nutrient • 8 oz. acid blend • 1 oz. wine tannin • 1 oz. yeast energizer • triple scale wine hydrometer • 28" plastic stirring spoon • wine thief/test jar combo • Winemaker’s Recipe Handbook • regular auto-siphon • auto-siphon bucket clamp • 5’ siphon hose 5/16” • shutoff clamp for hose • adhesive strip thermometer • 100 pack of wine corks • 60 pack of black PVC shrink capsules • 60 pack of burgundy PVC shrink capsules • double lever corker • wine bottle filler.

Anybody have any ideas where or how I could sell this kit, doesn’t look like any interest here?
I just did a quick tally of what you are selling and as individual pieces the total is around $290. The problem with offering this as a package to experienced winemakers is that we probably already own a lot of this stuff.
If you were willing to break it up I would be interested in the corks, 6.5 fermenting bucket, clear bottles and 3 gallon glass carboy.
Thanks for the input all. I have tried Craigslist obviously with no luck. I absolutely hate selling on eBay and will only try that last resort. Think I will give Facebook a try. Wineview I do want to sell as a kit but if this don’t work out I will post here that I will part out the kit for those that may be interested.