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Old Tymer

Aug 27, 2008
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Hi All - I have just completed the primary fermentation of some Zinfandel grapes (Hydrometer reads 1.00). I am about to press out the must but the mixture is extremely pulpy (Also, the cap still rises and the juice is still a little sticky is this normal?). Once I press the skins, am I suppose to strain the run-off before I add it to the carboy? Will the pulpy mixture go away through racking? Can someone explain what I have to do at this point.

Thanks again
Still a little sticky indicates to me that there is still some sugar left. Press it out, strain the pulp and put all liquid into the carboy. Racking several times will take care of the sediment.
Strain it through a nylon stocking and you will
filter out most of the pulp.

The rest will be left behind when racking the wine
in the future.


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