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Feb 23, 2009
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In a few weeks I'm starting a batch of apple honey wine. The recipe I'm using requires 15 lbs of apples cut into eighths. Unfortunately, that's all the detail they go into. Am I supposed to core the apples? I'm assuming I remove the stems and the seeds. I'm guessing the recipe is calling for 15 lbs of prepared apples. Am I correct?
It might help if you posted the whole recipe here.

We would for example like to know how large this batch is, and what the other ingredients are.

To answer your question: yes core the apples and let the seeds indeed out of the pulp. seeds may impart bitterness and even worse in the wine.

How are the apples further processed ????

Best is to juice them. If you do have it use a press if not I have some suggestions on my web-log:

Summarising: freeze the apples and then press them in a cheesecloth or likewise will get you the highest gain / quality in juice.

I would have a primary ready with dissolved sulphite and ascorbic acid to prevent browning and as soon as you cut each pce get it into there so its doesnt brown up.

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