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Nov 19, 2015
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94C149C4-6FFA-42A7-9669-F4A920C2817B.jpeg 634D44CA-C7F5-4C86-AC9B-C2129013D45F.jpeg C69ABEE1-57C6-4CD9-81F4-6D1DDDFD32F7.jpeg EE1EEE35-F7C4-46DD-A77B-29AA4645A250.jpeg I am looking for advice on running a second batch of pear wine.

A little history. I had 60+pounds of pears on the ground mostly that fell from my 2 pear trees after harvesting some for ourselves. I picked them up, sorted, rinsed and cut into chunks and got about 40# of fruit. Then I added a couple of pounds of wild cherries and sugar water, then heavily dosed with K-meta, pectic enzyme and ran a first batch (EC1118).

I just racked it and have 5 gallons under an airlock S.G.=1.002. Tastes awesome By the way. Just had some with breakfast.

There is still a bit of residual sugar and good looking chunks of pears left and I want to run a second batch.

My thoughts are to add sugar and water, but at what S.G.? I figured 1.08 or so.

I will add a bit more pectic enzyme as well. Any other additives...tannin, acid blend or something else?


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I assume you want to make a second batch from the must from the first batch. First use water equal to about 70% of original wine removed. In your case that would be 3.5 gallons I would use 3 gallons. add 2 lbs of sugar per gallon mix in s separate bucket from the leftover must to read the sg. add 7 grams of tartaric acid per liter. assume 4 liter per gallon so 12 liter times 7 equals 80 grams of acid. mix well into water add about a 1/4 tsp tannin to water mix well. then add to the old must. no yeast is required as the old must should have plenty in residence. the second fermentation should be less time the the first maybe only a few days. good luck

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