Winging it with Craisins, help with recipe?

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Apr 4, 2016
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Cranberries are no longer at the local stores so on an impulse I bought 3 lbs of craisins (they are sweetened) a 12 oz. box of raisins and two gallons of Ocean Spray White Cran/Peach juice ("no preservatives") to use instead of adding all water, not sure if any of those flavors will carry through but there's sugar in there. Hoping for a 3 gallon batch. I figured I'd coarsely chop the craisins a bit (and raisins if needed, I had read with regular cranberries raisins help). So I guess I'm looking for a little help building this recipe.
*Add chopped craisins (+raisins) to primary with 2 gallons of juice + any needed amount of water
*Add Pectic Enzyme (?) and let set overnight, test SG add sugar as needed for desired alcohol %
*Using Red Star Premier Cuvee yeast as the last regular cranberry I made was a little difficult to get going and to finish.
*Proceed as usual the rest of the steps.
so... should I add anything else, other steps outside of the norm?
I made a Craisin/zante current wine that is a very dry rose. For three gallons I used three pounds of Zante currents and one and a half pounds of craisins. I covered the dry fruit with boiling water and let steep for 20 minutes then added more cold water. I think the juice will work well. Good luck!

Your recipe looks good. I added 6 tablespoons of lemon juice but you may not need that if you go heavy on the cranberry juice and craisins.

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