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Wade E

Jul 3, 2006
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Just popped the cork on Dan's (RunningWolf) Isabella, this stuff is very nice! I liked the Rhubarba little better which was just totally awesome IMO and my wife agreed. She is sleeping right now but Im sure she'll like this one also as she tends to have a taste in wine like me when it comes to white wines. I like them a little more acidic then most and these 2 fit right into that category. I think Im going to have to make the trip to Walkers fruit basket and grab a few of these juices. Great job again Dan!
Wow, I really need to find this Walkers place. The bottle we opened of Dan's was quite tasty. Being new to the hobby, I just hope to someday reach the level of expertise that most on this forum have.
Thanks Wade! I have to tell you though the kids down in Pittsburgh are kicking *** with some wine also. I planned on slowing down for awhile. Well my intentions were good anyways. I need to empty my primaries tomorrow to make room for the kits I got from George today!
I have to agree on other peoples wine as well. The ones I have drank so far are very good.

So far I have not drank one of Dan's that I did not like. They were all at the right acidity, sweetness and flavor. I did like the Australian reisling better than the Washington riesling.

Djrockinsteve, I would never have thought of blueberry and pomegrante but those flavors together was very good. We also drank the wild cherry pinot noir. Wow, the pinot noir was just right and then you get hit with a cherry finish. nice.

Doug the blackberry merlot was great. We had it with ranch panini burgers and well before we knew it the whole bottle was gone.

I am so looking forward to July 10th.
If any of you get a wine from me you don't like please tell me. Always looking to hone my skills. I like to make a variety of flavors and s.g. ranges as well as the standards. I won't be hurt.
If any of you get a wine from me you don't like please tell me. Always looking to hone my skills. I like to make a variety of flavors and s.g. ranges as well as the standards. I won't be hurt.

So, how di I get on your mailing list??? :slp
So far I have not drank one of Dan's that I did not like. They were all at the right acidity, sweetness and flavor. I did like the Australian reisling better than the Washington riesling. QUOTE]

Julie, I agree with you. The Australian one was a Limited addition kit two years ago. The Washington one was a WE World Vineyard and I felt it was weak. I made a WE Estate Series Washington Columbia Valley Riesling that was very good and have since started another one. Once again, when you get a taste of the big kits of a certain kinds its hard to go back.
Sounds great. Can't wait to taste and swap wines at Julie's place on the 10th of July.
Friday Night I shared a bottle of Cabernet Sauvignon with Doug (FFEMT) when he was in town that was produced by DJ Rockin Steve. We each had a glass but not being a person that likes dry wine this was not a favorite of mine. Doug enjoyed it. Tonight I had guests over for dinner who enjoy dry wine and I gave them and they really raved about it. I also had a bottle of commercial wine of the same kind I was marinating steaks in and they compared the two of them and liked Steves much better. With our steak dinner I had a glass of Elderberry wine Julie made and it was out of this world! It was pretty cool to share wines of friends tonight to show what others are making and they were loved my all. :try
I too have had Julie's Elderberry and liked it better then mine as I over sweetened mine a bit. Hers was awesome and along with that she also gave me a bottle of second run Elderberry (blush) that I have not opened yet so looking forward to that in the future.
I'm bringing this thread back up so everyone at the party yesterday can comment on the wines that you had tasted. That is if you remember what wines you tasted.

Wynethief - your pineapple was very good. Not to sweet and a lot of pineapple flavor. Your white merlot was good as well, actually that one if my favorite. The acid was not real high, it had a very smooth taste. Not sure if I drank anything else of yours but I do have a opened bottle of pinot noir that I think is yours.

Rod, I'm sure someone else is going to comment on your apple pie, I'll let that one go but it sure was tasty. Your Niagara/Concord was fantastic. I could taste the niagara and the concord and the sweet level was just right.

Runningwolf & ffemt I don't remember drinking any of your wines but I have and I haven't found any that I did not like. I'll let you know later on the ones that you two left.

Xanxer, loved the blueberry, again not over sweet but a lot of blueberry flavor and the bergamais was great, I will be drinking that with leftover ribs for supper today. The bergamais was a very smooth wine, surprisingly so, not a very high acid wine, which is what I like.

Well my wine rack is full and as I drink the wines, I'll post what I thought of them.
I had the White Merlot and the Pinot Noir, both were excellent, my wife really enjoyed the Merlot.

I didn't get to try the apple pie, I think it was all gone, either that or someone was hoarding the bottle (just kidding). I really enjoyed the Niagra/Concord, and there was one other though I can't think of what it was that my wife really liked also.

I tried some of Xaner's blueberry, it was quite tasty and Olesia said it we very good as it wasn't over sweet and it was very refreshing.

I had Dan's blackberry. I thought it was wonderful.

I had Julie's Skeeter pee with the elderberry slurry. Wow that was a totally different taste than mine or the previous bottle I received when we went to lunch (the empty bottle by your wine rack was from me. I returned it since it was empty)

I had some of my very berry melomel and I'm sure there were others just can't remember who's they were or what they were at this time. All I can say is everthing very tasty and I'm looking forward to building up a supply for next years get together.
Which White Merlot was this? Im starting cc International in a few minutes actually and I have had the W.E. a few years back which as also excellent and you all know me and W.E.! Just kidding I actually like the W.E. white wine kits and specialty kits, just not their red wine kits for some reason, they always have the Kit taste as some other brands do but to a much lesser extent IMO!
The runningwolfs blackberry merlot was great. Julie's skeeter w/elderberry was refreshing and tasty. The pineapple was very flavorful! The pin noir was well balance and had a nice finish. I liked the melomel. The berry really gave it a zing.
I have a few bottles of assorted wines on the winerack that I plan on aging. I'll report back on them soon.
Julie, the full elderberry started to push the cork up. I think it got warm in the car and the bottle was very full. I plan to take a sample out tonight and recork it.
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Oh, I forgot about the blackberry merlot, I believe Kat and I finished that off after everyone else left. That was very tasty, it was a nice wine to finish the evening with. I am now down to five bottles, I believe I had 12 bottles that were opened. I am working hard at this. :dg
Well, I remember the other wine I couldn't remember the other day when I posted it was the Grenache. It was very good and Olesia enjoyed it. Last night we finished off the open bottle of Sav Blanc from Xaner, opened and finished Dan's Pomegranite very good with pie by the way. We opened Dan's Mango Citrus, this was excellent, we both enjoyed it very much and we opened Steve's White Merlot.