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Nov 30, 2009
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So I racked my cherry wine today, it's just a gallon batch, and my plastic stirring stick just won't fit in there. In the past I just have shook the gallon carboys gently to stir them after sweetening. Well today I happened to have my glass wine thief in my hand, and I used it with pretty good success, or so I thought. The wine is definitely stirred, but I noticed my thief is missing a small chunk out of the tip.

So, I've learned that lesson, I am particularly hard on thiefs, this is my second one. Time for the plastic one I guess.

Now, I know the glass won't hurt the wine, I just need to make sure it's not in the bottle wine! It is almost certainly one piece since it broke exactly the same general spot as my last one (dropped it in the sink), and that time I found one triangular piece of glass.

So, any ideas that don't involve expensive filter systems? I thought maybe putting two coffee filters over the end of the hose next time I rack might do it if I can keep it from bursting the paper. I use an autosiphon with the thing on the bottom that keeps out sediment, so that might stop a decent size piece.

I'd appreciate any suggestions as this wine actually tasted pretty good and I'd hate to pour it out.
I also broke the tip on mine and did not find. I thought their was a slim chance it might be in the carboy so I ran the whole thing through a funnel with a screen. It never did show up. I bought another glass and a plastic thief. The plastic one is much longer and hold more liquid.
Well next time you can..dare I say it... Use CLEANED (& sanitized) panty hose at the end of the racking tube.
Now lets see what Dan has to say.. this should be good.. :sm
Well, Ahhhhh what can I say. They just weren't in my arsenal of equipment. I really don't think I want to try an explain a pair of panty hose in my cellar to my wife :) :)
Well if it were hers... She can say she had a contribution to that wine.. :hug
Ahh, yes that is a good idea, much better than the coffee filter idea I had. Thanks!