Oak Chips?

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Jun 22, 2009
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Have you ever tried to make your own oak chips from American White Oak? I know that some barrels are made from White Oak.
You could use the gas grill to toast them to what ever degree you wanted.
I've made my own sticks quite a few times from woodshop waste. They char quickly with a MAPP torch if that's you're thing. If you want toasted just arrange them closely spaced but not touching and bake at 350* until chocolatey brown.

A stick is reusable, too.
I would not use the wood if it is other then felled from someone you know and not wood processed from a retailor as that wood is almost always treated to protect hir investment from insects. I am a purchaser of woods in my shop and know this first hand from many wholesalers. They typically treat the wood pre air or kiln dried. I have done it with fresh felled wood and used the oven method and it works great an maks the whole huse smell really good and sounds awesome also as it crackles as its drying.
I hadn't thought about White Oak being treated, but then we have none growing here in the south to speak of. Mostly Live Oak and what we call Water Oaks. Both of those species are a different grain of wood from what I see in true White Oak.

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