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Nov 2, 2009
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Hello all,I'm Larry from NH.Need some help. My wife and i want to start drinking wine for the health benefits.I have yet bought and equipment.Can anyone recomend a good place to buy? I am looking for a 1 gal. kit as i don't want to make a large batch and not like it.My wife likes sweet wines to date her favorite is Boones Farm. Yeah i know. can u use the wine kits for a 1 gal. operation?can a wine be sweetened just before bottling? will i need anything extra that not in the kits? Do all wines home-made have the same healt benefits as store bought? Thank you for your help and support.
Welcome aboard. Most kits you find at vendors are going to be for 6 US gallons. Normally the one gallon starter kits are to make your own wines from fruits etc. This is probably how you are going to have to go. You can ferment any fresh, natural juice that isn't loaded down with sulfites or sorbate. You can then sweeten the wine to taste prior to bottling and then add sorbate to re-inhibit fermentation and sulfites as an anti oxidant. Good luck, I am sure the members here will throw you a bunch of suggestions
Hello and welcome to the forum Larry,

A few homebrew shops sell 1 gallon winekits.. my first one was one of those ( a valpolicella). Might be worth googling it and getting one couriered if you can't find anything local. They are not as economical as a 6 gallon kit, however a great way to get your feet wet.

O hell , Larry dive in head first. A 6 gallon kit will turn out great if you fallow the direction. Look though the kit section here and you will see which companies are making quality kit. Then pick a variety or kind of wine you have had and liked before and buy that. BTW you will have new friends in a couple of mouths. If your wife likes sweet wine , go with Riesling. I call it girl wine for a reason
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