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May 15, 2009
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I am a happily married mom of 3, ages 9, 6, & 9 months. I just FINALLY started making wine. My first one is a wne kit, Reisling by winexpert, Vinters Reserve. BeAware I am here to suck brains::

Look forward to getting to know you all and learning more about making some yummy wines! your nickname Thumb??? :)
(Don't worry, I know it's a Lake Huron geography thing.)

Welcome to our little corner of the wonderful world of winemaking.

I think that kit is a reasonable choice for a first kit. Do you have a store nearby or did you mail order or did you sneak over to Sarnia to get it?

I just bottled (as in I'm taking a break for lunch before finishing cleaning up and putting away) a Winexpert Selection Limited Edition New Zealand Gewurztraminer. Had a taste while bottling. NICE, even though not cold.

Welcome Samilyn to our site. Feel free to ask away anything you need to, we are here to help.

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