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Jul 10, 2010
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Hello Everyone

Very nice site you have here, been reading and finding alot a good information. I have just started to make wine this summer and so far so good.

I currently have 5 different wines going..

1 Gal - Strawberry Kiwi
3 Gal - Mixed Berry (Raspberry,Blackberry,Strawberry,Blueberry and Pomegranate)
3 Gal - Blackberry
3 Gal - Plum
5 Gal - Watermelon

LOL nothing like jumping with both feet in it. :slp
Welcoem JWine, becareful when hitting the post button as right above that post button is a red triangle which closes your post down and tells us admin and mods to check it out. That button is really used for people like you to help us admin out and report spam on this site. Glad to have you aboard and hope you stay awhile and share in your wine experiences.
Welcome fellow Fruit wine maker.

What's on the radar? :dg :dg
Welcome Jwine by the looks of your avatar you'll fit right in:)
You're right there is a lot of good info here and a variety of wines and wine makers to assist you in your endeavours.

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