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Feb 28, 2009
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My friend who owns the cafe where I have a gallery space wants to set up a homebrew wine club as shes fascinated by what Im doing and I think it would be cool as Ill get to meet other wine makers in my area, any ideas or tips on what makes one successful as the only group we do have here is more about beer and seems to be a friends drinking club and not much else.
Ok so I take it no one has any ideas for this??????

What would you want from such a club if you were gonig to attend?

For me Id like to hear others talk on how to do stuff and tastings for starters
Ok so I take it no one has any ideas for this??????

What would you want from such a club if you were gonig to attend?

For me Id like to hear others talk on how to do stuff and tastings for starters

I'll say the obvious; music and an atmosphere. For me that would be light jazz.

I gotta tell ya... we buy a lot of "exotic" cheeses and tend to like these on the weekend as a snack with wine.

Outside of that, just tasting varieties is what its all about!
Good for you Coll, I have a similar idea to do something like that here, as you, most everyone here is into making beer. I could do the club but would need everyones help in here to be a success, still working on the planns,I like CG's idea about the cheeses, but paring them would be way out of my league. Give me some music, friends, a common interest and a little bit of food and I think we may have a mutual desire. Great idea. Do it. Keep us posted because I am really working on the same thought form up here.
First off, put the word out to see if there is even an interest. I tried to do the same thing here where I live and received very little interest. Once you have a small group have an organizational meeting and discuss what type of club you want. Since the meeting is going to be in a Café you are limited to what all can be done unless they have private rooms. It would be hard to give presentations or demonstrations with a bunch of other diners around and not distract their dining experiance.
First, there must be enough interest to get things going. In your friends gallery and any other appropriate places, have a poster advertising the formation of a club with signups for those interested along with a time and place for the initial meeting. From the outset there will likely be high interest. Start the first gathering by expressing your goals such as fellowship, the joy of making and drinking a product you've made, the learning experience that each can share. At the following meetings there should be an agenda and a topic of discussion such as the importance of a hydrometer and it's proper use, etc. After all club business is complete a sampling of the members creations should take place.
Fabulous feedback, thanks for that!

Hadnt thought of breaking it down to stuff like hydrometer use but thats perfect, short and simple then a tasting and some nibbles etc and chat time!!!

My friends cafe houses my gallery space (I manage a second gallery on a part time basis as well in case of any confusion!) so the cafe at night is only used rarely as a cafe, it will be all ours for private functions so fine art, fine food and fine home made wines should be easy to sort.

Thought of guest speakers and maybe getting our local home brew shop to come along and do things like talk on stuff and sell some of their wares etc...after all Im still learning and my friend I have convinced to start so neither of us would be suitable yet!!!!

I will keep you posted on what happens, we are having a meeting on saturday (over wine of course!) and Ill bring up these ideas you have come up with. I personally dont have to do most of the organising but I will definitely be putting in lots of effort to make it succesful too. Its a team effort I think and often there is only one person doing all the work, Im lucky enough to have my friend who is super keen also and super organised.

Thanks for the help.
Be aware that as time passes so will the club enthusiasm but you will be left with a core group that will be supportive.