New method for de-acidifying rhubarb

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Nov 5, 2006
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Now is the time for picking rhubarb (well over here it is) and making rhubarb wine or sparkling rhubarb wine.

Problem with rhubarb is the high acidity and more specific: Oxalic acidity.

Oxalic acid is really nasty so people have been making rhubarb wine for decades by dilluting the must or bringing the acid down with chalk.

Now there is a revolutionary new method.

First make juice by cutting the rhubarb in small pieces.
Freeze these pieces and after 4 days thaw.
Then press the rhubarb and the juice is ready.

Now freeze the juice !!!!.
After 2 days get the frozen juice and cut off the top which has a different color.
This top is pure acid !!!!!

Now measure the rest of the must again and the acidity has dropped several points !!!!!

So no more diluting or chalking but we can work with the pure must again !!!
Look for an experiment and pictures which explains all at my web-log.

Scroll down for the english text.

Have fun.
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