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Mar 30, 2010
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Hi Group,
I am a new wine maker in Long Island, NY. I had made wine with friends in the past (helping on crushing, pressing, etc) and was lucky to find a very sweet deal from a guy who sold me all of his equipment last year. I buy my grapes from a member of the Pagano family, (Canarsie Market) we have become friends and now he is my wine-making Sensei. I have 43gals of 75% Merlot & 25% Shirah in carboys in my garage. Im getting ready to bottle, sanitizing the bottles. Then I'll work on a label, etc. So far, so good! Anyway, glad to be here, looking forward to learning/sharing.
Shot, Welcome to forum. Its always nice to see new enthusiastic members to join. We are a very friendly and helpful group. Feel free to ask any question regardless of how small or simple it seems. There are plenty of experts on here to help you along. We would also love to hear about your ventures.
Hello and welcome. This is a very friendly site and it's great to have you with us.
43 gallons of one wine-Wow
I am making 5 of the Shiraz Cabernet
I'm excited and great to have you aboard!
Welcome aboard Shotocop,

43 are going to make a lot of us salivate just at that one comment......

allow me to begin..............aalhhhhhhhalahhhhhhhhhhhh......
hello and welcome to the forum,,

any questions just speak up.. we're here to help..

Welcome here you will find a very diverse bunch. What ever question you have I'm sure will be answered.
Thanks for the warm welcome! Just to set the record straight. I am a cop and I study and teach Shotokan karate (32 years), Henceforth: Shotocop.
I bottled 2 cases today (one carboy's worth) Had an extra 2/3 bottle left so I sat on my stoop (stairs leading to my front door) and enjoyed a little. Of course the neighbors came and assisted me in finishing the bottle. Its very good (at least to me). I did wash the bottles in potassium metabisulfade prior to filling them and soaked the corks as well. I'll lay the filled bottles on their side tommorow. I read somewhere that that's the way to do it. regards...
I usually give them a few days to let the corks seat properly. I also do not soak the corks but istead put some k meta solution in a bucket and put the corks in a collanderabove the solution on the bucket and put a lid over tem to keep as much of the gases in as the S02 gases do most of the job and soaking a cork isnt really a good idea.
Ok, I will have to try that idea, sounds good to me. Im gonna try to post a pic of my carboys sitting on a shelf in my garage. Today is bottling day for me

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