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Wade E

Jul 3, 2006
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Thanks to Grapeman here is my wine garden which is flourishing this year despite the harsh move last fall from upstate NY to my yard which was a 5 hour ride each way. There are 18 of them and everyone of them is doing good and flowering like crazy. Hopefully in 2-3 years it will be supplying my Black Currant wine consumption. Here is a pic of all of them and the flowers close up on one of them.

Picture 001.jpg

Picture 002.jpg
Those are waking up nicely Wade. You should get a few of them this year and then lookout next year! Remember you can split them up in the fall and get even more going if you want!
Looking nice, I didn't realize the currant was such a nice looking plant. I was planning on getting 10 or so this year, maybe I'll get more.
I will do just that and will probably give a few to a friend so he wont be eying up my supply! :)
very nice!! we want to put some raspberrys and blackberrys in....never had a currant though. is it simaler in taste to either of those??
No, it is a very strong flavored fruit sort of similar to an elderberry. Try and find some Black Currant juice in a grocery store and try it. I really havent found anyone who didnt like it and the wine is just as awesome. The Vintners Harvest wine base is very good and makes an awesome wine and its about the only base that doesnt have any fruit in it so you dont need a fermentation bag. beware that raspberries can spread pretty fast like strawberries so you have to keep them under control.
Very nice Wade! We'll turn you into a farmer yet.
Id do alot more but the only area that gets any sun at my house is that side yard and my deck. Thats why I dont have a garden for vegetables. Id love to go cutting down some serious amounts of trees in my woods but a neighbor a few houses down owns that land and they are not into that!
Looks good, Wade. Are currants susceptible to frost damage? This nice weather has got things moving, but we're not out of the woods yet.
Wade, I've learned to let my fingernails grow long before we get to march. That way I have something to chew on besides my fingers worrying about that nasty F word!
Currants can take a bit of frost. They are one of the first plants to push in the spring and they have evolved that way, so it is indicative of their frost resistance. Even grapes can take temps down to 28 without major damage. Neither are like tomatoes or peppers which will freeze very easily.
Thanks for the info, takes a little of the nervousness of me everytime it gets a little chilly!
Weather has been very good to my wine garden so far this year and the bushes are looking good. Here are some pics of the berries growing on them which looks like I will be able to amke s decent batch for its first year. My wifes bush is flowering like crazy this year also which really hasnt done much the past few.



Looking good Wade, yum, Cassis (in other words Black Current). Just keep an eye out for the aphids & spider mites, they love all types of current leaves. By the way the leaves make great tea.
Huh, Ive never heard of that, how many leaves approx to a cup of tea? I would be inclined to try it as long as the taste isnt like the smell when you rub up against a plant as it smells like cat urine when done.
Use mature leaves, the young leaves all you get is chlorophyll, and make sure there has been no cats spraying the bushes??

Use about 2 Tsp chopped leaves to a cup, steap for a few minutes, it's not a strong tea and it's more for ailments, or you can dry some of the berries and use 1 tsp of berries in 1 cup of water in a pot, bring to a boil then turn off heat, let soak for about 25 min
put 2 tsp chopped leaves, soak another 5 min
strain add sugar or honey to taste.
Drinking black currant tea may be helpful in treating and preventing several diseases and conditions including cardiovascular disease, diarrhea, dysentery, cancer, allergies, and asthma. The leaves of the black currant bush may be beneficial for people suffering from kidney disorders due to their diuretic properties. You can also blend with black tea.
Missed that tea post RMT, thanks. The currants are doing very well and are at 12 Brix right now as I just used my new refractometer for the 1st time.


Picture 003.jpg