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Sep 5, 2009
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Started My wild Muscadine wine Monday and it already smells good. Has a good lookin emrald maroon color if there is such. It had 1024 S.G before adding sugar. :hug
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I love muscadine wine! I have 5 gallons ready to fine...I understand your emerald color, but not really the maroon...maroon if you are using Noble (purple) muscadine..I also have a blend of pineapple/muscadine I can't wait to 2nd rack this weekend to steal a taste. Good luck!
I envy you people who have access to muscadine grapes, it does make a very good wine.
grape.......its almost more red than a purple. wished my camera wasn't broke or I'd send pics...later:sm
I too love the Muscadine. wish it was around here. Is 1.024 a good sg for that kind of grape, sounds a little low but I have no experiencehere with those.
1024 was before I added 8lbs sugar. I don't really know what a good starting s.g for it is I'm still learning only my 2nd batch of wine. Sacalait said a good start was 1.085-1.090. stirred it this morning and it was workin goood.:sm
A S.G. of 1.060- 1.065 is what you can expect from a "mix" of muscadine varieties, straight run juice. Depending on the varieties used (some are more acidic than others) for a 5gal. batch figure on 35-50#'s of muscadines. That said, I stand by my original recommendation of a starting of S.G. 1.085-1.090.
topping off

I about to switch from primary to secondary. I'm already shy of 5 gal. I know after I rack it a couple times it's gonna get even less. What should I use to top off with? I don't want to use water. :?
Store bought juice

When I buy welch's or any kind of juice it just needs to be no perservitves in it right?
Did you add any thing to keep it from fermenting ?

If fermentation restarts, sure. If not visible, I just let it sit longer since there is a small chance that it may cloud it up temporarily again. I do this in a pinch if I don't have anything to top off with. If the liquor has good body, sometimes I will top off with spring water.
When I buy welch's or any kind of juice it just needs to be no perservitves in it right?

I choose Juicy Juice white grape because there are no preservatives...Welches will state it has sulfites...if you are worried about refermentation, this is a double solution for you...although, Welches concentrate adds a lot more sweetness in the long run.
Well I ended up using 3 quarts of Welches grape juice. That's how much room I had after i went from primary to secondary. I didn't want to because I wanted just the muscadine flavor but, The more I thought about it I'm ur under average winemaker and just want good tasting wine. Old man told me when I rack again if I needed to add something else use simple syrup if it wasn't to dry already it would raise my alcohol level a little.
Next year I'm gonna pick about 50lbs of muscadine to be sure I have enough juice....!:dg
Well, I have been using 100% Concord grape juice to top off with and it's tasting gooood! What should I call it Muscord....LOL!!:db

Freakin' ingenious. You would be a fool not to run with that one...I could just see the might want to do a pun on the words and do MUSCHORD instead and do musical references. Very creative, you are.

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