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Apr 21, 2024
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I live in south central Virginia. My wife and I started a small vineyard last year, 120 vines total. I wanted to try a variety to see what would be most successful. Surprisingly I’ve had much better success with the Reisling and Pinot Gris than the muscadine and scuppernong. I’ve been making wine for about 5 years. I joined to try to learn more about making wine and having a successful vineyard.
Welcome, I'm not a grower but get most of my grapes from local Northern VA vineyards. For whites I think you'll find Viognier, Petit Manseng and Chardonnay all do well here. For reds you'll probably have good luck with Cab Franc, Petit Verdot, Tannat and of course Norton. I'm told Cab Sauv is a hit or miss depending on the season.
Welcome. I look forward to hearing how you care for your vines. I’m a little further north than you… NE WI. I’m up to 80 or so this year and should get my first limited harvest. So exciting!
Welcome! I'm a small grower in the middle Shenandoah Valley; I only have about 50 vines
I have had great success with Chambourcin and Vidal Blanc; around here they say Vidal Blanc will grow in a ditch, but with Chambourcin, you don't even need the ditch.
I'm doing pretty well with some other red varieties, such as Marchal Foch, Marquette, and Noiret. I lost most of my Cab Franc and Petit Verdot, but I still have enough to raise up a gallon or two.
You are going to have to experiment. Virginia's many micro-climates offer many opportunities and challenges.
Good luck!

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