I want to grow some grapes in NC!

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Nov 27, 2022
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North Carolina
Sorry for starting another backyard vineyard thread but wanted to see if anyone in my general area has had some success with vitis vinifera or hybrids. I’ve got room for about 40-50 vines or so. Clay soil with some rock and I’m firmly on west side of zone 2 NC viticultural zone, pretty close to edge of zone 3, about 25 miles south of Yadkin Valley AVA. I will be getting soil samples done this spring and hopefully deciding on what to plant before spring of 2025. Looking at some different trellis setups etc and if some soil amendments are needed, I want to get that done this year.
I’ve only made kit wines but am hoping to do some wine this year or next with grapes (with some advice from folks on this site). Need to pick up some additional equipment for that.
NC Extension site makes some varietal recommendations but just wanted to see if anyone in this area has had some success.

Thanks all,

I’m not from the area but I’ll share what worked for me a couple of years ago - I visited local commercial wineries and talked with them about what they grow, root stocks, clones etc. Subsequently, I also had email exchanges with the guys in charge of their vineyards to gain additional insight once I knew enough to ask good questions.

Soil testing is a great idea. There are services which will do the test and then analyze the results based on what you plan to grow and provide you with a list of recommendations. I followed those recommendations faithfully and have had good results.

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