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Nov 26, 2008
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I had a crawfish boil/ cookout a couple of weeks ago and brought out a bottle or 6 of my handy work for my friends to taste. During the cleanup one bottle about half full of Raspberry Grape got left on the table in my garage
I decided I would just finish it off yesterday and lo and behold :eek: VINEGAR
I am assuming this was because the bottle was opened and partially used, It also had a sort of fuzzy substance floating around close to the bottom. I checked the other full bottles and they look just fine
Any Ideas?
2 things come to mind
1 you left the wine in the sun / heat. That alone will hurt big time.
2 that fact that it was uncovered so long
If you say the rest is OK then keep the wine out of the sun/heat and keep it cool.
Jerry, if you didn't already toss the viegar stuff you could put some herbs in it and use it for cooking. First of all I hope the wine you served wasn't shot also. Maybe you have good friends and noone told you. Did you serve all raspberry? Secondly, I didn't realize it would turn to vinegar that quick, heat or not. What did it taste like before it was left unopened? And how did your quests like the rest of what you presented to them? If they liked it but you didn't, GREAT! If they didn't but you did, hell with em, GREAT! If you both liked it, GREAT! If neither one of you liked it, well, not so GREAT!:):):D
It wasn't much so I just poured it out
And everyone liked it including me. Tasted like Raspberry Kool Ade with a kick
i didnt know that wine could turn to vinegar so fast?? :O you learn something new everyday.

Last year when I make my elderberry wine I dumped the pulp in a waste bin outside the house. Now the pulp was still moist and had therefore some must in it. Likely there would still be some alcohol in it.

A few DAYS later when I opened the waste bin a swarm of fruitflies welcomed me, and the complete bin smelled like vinegar......
Vinegar has of course a strong smell but this clearly demonstrates to me that it can happen in a few days......


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