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Jun 22, 2009
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I'm already liking the looks of this batch of blackberry I got going.
The pulp bag is still in the bucket for one more day. This morning I pressed it the best I could and then put it back into the juice.
So far this is how it went
27 or 28 pounds of berries that were frozen.
2 1/2 gallons of water covered them in the primary.
3 campden tablets, crushed and 2 teaspoons of pectic enzyme.

Then after it sat overnight, I pressed the pulp bag.
The SG before any sugar was 1.018
I had to add my sugar in two steps being I ran out and had to get more.
With 3/4 gallon of water I dissolved 10 pounds of sugar.
That brought my SG up to 1.078.
Added 1 teaspoon of Acid Blend and 1 teaspoon of Yeast Nutrient.
I pitched 1 packet of Premier Cuvee yeast.
So I have 27 pounds of berries in about 3 1/4 gallon of water.
It looks like I'll get a five gallon batch with the juice I get from the berries.
The must is a rich red color even the head coming to the surface is really a ruby red. The smell is also wonderful.
Sounds good, Mine is still aging in carboy from last year. I will be bottling this soon though.
You are going to love how the color changes over time. Mine is only a month and a half old but it is dark black purple and clearing nicely. Ill be gassing it tomorrow with the foodsaver.

Blackberry smells so awesome!
I added the sugar and pitched the yeast on my second batch tonight. Last year I made 5 gallons and was very disappointed that I hadn't made more.
Now I already have 10 gallons going and hopefully will get another 10 before the berry picking kills me.
Four hours in the sun turns out to be a lot rougher on the old body than I would have ever expected. That and the fact that I've been working on the roof when I'm not berry picking.