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Nov 27, 2008
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I can always detect a slight sweet taste in wine made from kits,even the dry reds.I was wondering if putting the wine through malo-lactic fermentation would take it to completely dry?I am thinking that when the juice is concentrated it forms some long chain sugar molecules that the yeast cant handle.Any ideas?
It is recommended to not put a wine kit thru mlf. They have balanced the kit concentrate to make a balanced wine(acidity wise). If you do put one thru an mlf you will have to play around with acid additions to maybe get the balance back.

While malolactic bacteria may consume some sugar(don't know how much it might). It does convert malic acid to lactic acid. So I don't know if thats the way you really want to go to improve a kit.

Allowing a wine to age out properly, working with different oak, or enologic tannins may be some better things to experiment with when it comes to kits.

I know that doesn't answer your question about how to get the unfermentable sugars out of a kit but at least it there's a few things to consider.
May I ask what kits you have tried, Winexpert kits are notoriuos for this and Ive tasted it many times, I dont ever tatse that in the higher end RJS or Mosti kits. I also believe that Cellar Craft doesnt have this sweet taste. That taste is like a Jolly rancher fell in the carboy!
Thanks for the heads-up on mlf affecting the balance of wine kits.Unless some one can tell me how to get the residual sugar out I will just have to accept it (until the local fruit ripens).
Hey,i got 2 answers with just 1 question! is this a great site or what?
I used ML fermentation on both a Chard and a Cab from WineXperts. I got some pretty good results. I'm still working on how to do a better MLF on a Chard.

I did the MLF after the primary fermentation was done, and before I racked off on the Chard, and before bulk aging.

It also worked on the Cab, as well. The cab had a more rounded mouthfeel and lost some of that "sharpness" you get with some kit reds.

I used the base model Vintners reserve Chard kit and the World Vinyard French Cab kit for the red. I used the lower end kits so if they were totally screwed up and undrinkable in the end, I wouldn't be out much.

Any time I read Winemaker and I see something the pros do that I am not doing or haven't tried, I usually run right out and try it! What the hell, right?

Edison didn't fail 5000 times inventing the lightbulb, he found 4999 other ways NOT to make a lightbulb. I say try it, and see what you get.
Who makes the best kits? We were told to stick with Winexpert Select series and the like to get a good wine every time. Is there another make that is better?
The taste in the WE kits you are referring to isn't really residual sugar, it is Kit Taste that seems to be found predominately in WE kits. It does mellow out and sort of go away after a year or two. If it bothers you, change brands, but stick to the higher end kits. Don't rely on MLF to get rid of this- as said it converts malic acid to milder lactic acid. The KT you taste is likely the sorbate used to stabilize the kits. If you add this and you have any malolactic bacteria left and it becomes active it can eat the sorbate and form geraniol- not good. It smells and tastes of overpowering geranium!

You can use the battonage method in the chards to get that buttery feeling and taste without adding malolactic bacteria and chancing a ruined wine.
Who makes the best kits? We were told to stick with Winexpert Select series and the like to get a good wine every time. Is there another make that is better?

Although i have had good success with WE kits i have also found that i am leaning towards the RJ Spagnols brand quite a bit more recently.

Time will tell as i have only been making wine for 8 months.

I have also tried Cellar Craft with good success and the Vineco kits have been pretty good as well.

Good luck
Dan R