Wines stop fermenting at SG 1.002-1.004

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Nov 14, 2022
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Hi all

I’ve got a real ongoing problem. Simply put all the wines I have made stop fermenting at about SG 1.002 to 1.004.

They Al fast v slightly sweet. They were meant to be dry reds. I even bought a whit wine kit and followed instruction to the letter except racking at 0.996. Reason is none of the wines got below 1.002/1.004.

I currently have two wines currently under way. Both have stopped fermenting even months later. They are stubbornly stuck slightly sweet.

This is a long term problem to which I cannot find a solution. Diff reds, diff yeasts. Diff everything!! Except temperature. This is 23/24 deg C. Occasionally 22C. No way I can change this. Is it the cause of my problem. In one batch I used a high temperature yeast. Same result!

Any help to get my reds down to 0.994 and not sweet greatly appreciated.
Adding on to Craig's questions:
  • What brand are the kits?
  • Are you using a hydrometer or refractometer? If using a hydrometer, have you checked it with distilled water (reading should be 1.000)?
  • Are you racking, pressing, or adding anything to the wine prior the cessation of fermentation?
Since you appear to be getting consistent results, it's likely that there's something in your process that's off kilter. However, let's not jump to any conclusions before we get additional information.

Any help to get my reds down to 0.994 and not sweet greatly appreciated.
Wines will not all finish at 0.994 or below. While many do, 0.998 is generally considered the dividing line, and I've had wines finish at 1.002 for reasons I've never figured out.
Interesting problem.

I agree, verify your hydrometer (if using) is accurate.

Next I'm wondering what else is common to all your wines that you haven't changed? Crazy thought, but what kind of water are you using?

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