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Jan 27, 2010
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Hey guys,

I have just started my first second batch this time I decided on a mint and lime wine.


I may need to add more sugar later I am not to sure if I wanted a dry or sweet mint but hey I can always make another batch
It looks like those are halved limes. If so, the pith could make for a bitter wine.
Mint and Lime sounds like a good combe. But yes, the pith could be bad. I tried a fresh orange wine. I peeled and discarded the peels but left the whithe pith on the "meat" before I pureed them in the cuisinart. What a disaster, the only wine I ever dumped.

The white pith is not good. You may notice that most citrus wines that call for peel, only mention zest, no pith involved.

Sounds good though keep us posted.
Hey guys

I should gave elaborated the lime was only in the must for as long as I heated the mixture. Once I combined the mint water and the rest on the must the lime rinds where removed and lime juice was added.

I am trying for a strong mint flavor with a light lime touch.

So far so good the wine is going strong and smells awesome
Basically I want a stronger mint taste and smell than lime
so the lime is not to overpowering;)

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