Mosti Mondiale Meglioli Pinot Grigio del Veneto

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Jun 20, 2005
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Anyone made the Meglioli Pinot Grigio del Veneto? I have this one going. I was surprised to see there was oak in the kit. I have never seen oak in a Pinot Gris kit before. I can't say I remember drinking a commercial Pinot Gris that was oaked. Normally when we buy a commercial it is Santa Margarita Pinot Grigio and I rarely drink it but if it is oaked, I am not detecting it.

One of the very valid tweaks to a red wine is to modify the oaking. I would suggest that a valid tweak to a white wine would also be to modify the oaking. In this case, LEAVE IT OUT. :h

I have made a couple of sauvignon blanc kits that included oak. Didn't bother to put it in. Currently have a Fume Blanc waiting to be started. The oak in that kit will be left out.

I would never even think of dding oak to a Pinot Gris but to each their own I say.
I have this same kit ready to start...

I havn't even opened it yet, I'm not sure if there is oak included... I doubt I will use if there is oak.
I am from Oregon. We drink a lot of PG from here and can tell you some commercial wine do use Oak. I don't like the oak in PG, so we don't drink those wines. Just leave it out.