Marquette harvested today

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Sep 1, 2011
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Northern wisconsin
Once again I overdid it in the vineyard. Harvested about 700 lbs of Marquette and 20 of itasca. I mixed the itasca with enough Marquette juice to make a 6 gallon batch of rose. I’ll Wait till
tomorrow to measure ph and Brix. No bees, wasps or fruit flys, perfect harvest conditions. Next year I’m definitely asking for help. One big take away was some vines were way over cropped. The vine that gets the most sun and has the best soil had 157 clusters. A lot of the vines up the hill had small clusters where the soil is poorer so fertilizer is needed. It’s a great feeling to have all that hard work in fermenters waiting for yeast. Thankfully I have a lot of wine to help my sore back.
Wish everyone a great harvest.
I use a wire at about 5 feet with two wires below to tie the growing canes. I use spur pruning but am thinking of switching over to cane pruning to help prevent trunk disease and have better frost protection
I switched from top wire cordon to vertical shoot positioning because the canes were too vigorous and wanted to go upwards. I had a hard time combing and tieing them down. VSP is much better. On the contrary, my Concords did just the opposite trellised to VSP and wanted to lie on the ground. Next year they will be TWC.
Several months ago, I touted VSP for my hybrids. Now, as I'm trying to harvest and I have fruit nearly on the ground, I'm rethinking. I can move to mid wire or TWC easily, more easily than the reverse. At any rate, my fruiting wire is way too low so I'll likely be adjusting next spring.