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Feb 1, 2009
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Need advice.
Started a batch of kit Mango Citrus on a Monday according instructions. Started fermenting in two days. Checked SG on day 5 and it read 1.018. Checked on day 7 and it read 1.016. After this check, it stopped fermenting and the SG remains 1.016. We are now on day 13, no fermenting and same SG.

Temperature of the batch has stayed around 68 degrees the whole time. The kit says SG needs to 1.01 or less to move to carboy. Fermentation just appears to have stopped.

Not sure what do to. Should we add more yeast? If so, can I just use yeast from the baking aisle at the grocery store? We live in a rural area without winemaking supply stores nearby.

Anyhelp would be appreciated.
If it were mine I'd splash rack it but most of the other posters on the forum disagree with that course of action.
The kit instructions recommend an SG of 1.01 or less, you are not far from that now. The addition of yeast energizer and yeast nutrient plus warming the must up to 80F would likely jump start it. If you don't have these you could add a couple of cooked down very ripe bananas.
What is the temp? Im thinking mp is the problem here cause these kits almost always ferment to dry with the agressive yeast supplied and the low starting sg.
Mango Citrus? Is that an Island Mist kit? (Please always be specific about kit names.)

The sg is currently 1.016. Can you get a temperature reading of the wine, rather than the room? (I'm assuming your 68F is the room.) 68F should be good for the fermentation.

I would make sure that the wine is warm (72-74F is best), and stir well a couple of times to bring the yeast up from the bottom.

Yes, sorry that is Island Mist. The 68F is the temp of the wine. I'll try warming it up and stirring. Thanks!
Thanks for the ideas! we stirred up the must briskly and applied a warm towel and fermentation appears to have started up again!

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