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Oct 27, 2008
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I checked out your GF's art site & I liked the picture that was this written under it.. [Langs de Rotte 05 Miniatuur op linnen Prive collectie ]
Thanks fort the compliment !!! I will pass it on to her.

Langs de Rotte actually means at the border of the Rotte.
the Rotte is a small river that Rotterdam is called after.

The environment of the Rotte is also my main harvesting ground for elderberries, blackberries and dandelions. That is why I also have fond memories when I look at that painting.

Prive collection means it is in private hands.
My hands :D
It sits on a bookself in my study/hobby room so i can look at it everyday. I love it. It is not for sale !!! That is why I put that note below the painting on the website.

Thanks again for the great compliment.

I agree Whine, I looked at them myself great stuff. Allie and Booze both also have some great work, check it out too. You'll like it as well.

I checked out Luc's GF's work too when I first joined. I love realism and think her work is great! The windmill one is my favourite. Wish I could read what it says though!!!! :)
Thanks for telling what the writing meant...... As I was looking I "as Boozehag said" wished I could read what was there..........

I will check out the other 2 art sites then!!

I feel a bit jealous thought, because I can NOT draw, paint or sing! My spelling SUCKS but so far WITH THIS SITE'S HELP I can make wine!!!~~:beer:
Wine, if we can all share something in common, we don't have to have anything else. I speak 4 languages and still can't draw, but because of everyone in here I have learned to make wine. I am better man because of it, I can pass my knowledge to someone else. It's a good thing!:h
I have looked at her art as well as Boozehags. Both are so talented. I just wish I could afford to buy some from them. Of course, getting it shipped to me without being destroyed would be an event in itself as well.
Ohhhh thanks for that! Funny thing is, I cant afford my own art either! Luckily I throw the odd piece my way or it doesnt sell so I have to keep it!!! :f
Shipping it isnt actually all that bad, depending on how you send it. The stuff I export is usually on unstretched canvas and rolled up so it arrives in one piece and is a lot cheaper to send than the other way!
Luc's girlfriends art is gorgeous, love the legs and shoes theme.

Collettes flying apples and pears are my favourites on her website..


I believe Smurfe needs to start an art collection in his wine cellar....

Hey Allie , what about me? I collect cats, live ones at this point, I only have three, but am thinking about branching out!:f Maybe digging through an artists dumpster, that stuff could be worth zillionons down the road.
why aren't you an artist Troy?

besides picking berries

and avoiding bears....






in Alaska?


I celebrate my artistic ability

I love to write G, and when i was a teenager I used to take a lot of photographs from angles the average person never saw. i would love to send you some of my writings, but only if you would consider them.
You know what G? I could ask you the same. I too have been blessed to live in one of the few untouched(for the most part) parts of the world, one of the few wild places left, some would say. I don't paint, I don't sing, and I can barely make wine. But I am able to write about the world I feel and see around me, and I have the unique ability to take a step back and imagine the world through anothers eyes. What do I do in Alaska ? I celebrate the life that was offered me. I hope each day I can open up someones eyes to look at life from a new corner and fresh perspective. And if I do, than I know I have accomplished something and made a change, and I won't have to answer the question, "What do I do here.?"
hey Troy

That's excellent, we all have our creative outlets right?

So what do you write about and do you pair your photographs with the writing?

Yes I'd like to see some of your work.

I'd like to send you something I wrote about the first tim I met Jesus face to face. It was an essay I wrote that my professor refused to grade. He said it was to important. It was my skinny butt praying, on the back of a boat, not his. I wrote another about the old man on the hill.
Do you have "Microsoft Word"?
Let me make sure I stil have you e mail address. I want you to see what I wrote about the big oil spill here. i don't think I can attach that kind of stuff to an PM in here, but I will try.
I checked out Luc's GF's work too when I first joined. I love realism and think her work is great! The windmill one is my favourite. Wish I could read what it says though!!!! :)

Do you mean this one:

Molen langs de Waal bij Varik Miniatuur op hout

It means windmill at the shore of the Waal (famous river in Holland) next to the village Varik. Miniature painted on wood.

Of course my avatar is also painted by her.......

And I did have a look at the ladies art and I am impressed equally.
There is a lot of talent here !!!!

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I looked at Boozehag's work.. I like old run down building's kind of pictures.. Thought that was a good pix!!

I didn't see a address to Allie's site??

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