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Jan 5, 2010
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I just brewed a Brewers Best American Pale Ale (during snow storm I must add). The starting gravity at 4.5 gallons is 1.021 versus the recipe of 1.051 to 1.055 at 5 gallons. This is the second batch I have brewed and did not have this problem with the first batch. I followed all instruction carefully. I did add Irish moss and gypsum the last 15 minutes to the boil. Is this bacth ruined or WHAT?

What can I do if anything at this point?

As some others would say it takes time for the extract to become mingled in and the sg will come up. Ive never had this problem at all myself, although I nail it with a drill mounted stirrer to aerate the must really well before adding my yeast.
Really, I did stir with a hand paddle...not a drill mounted. Should I take another reading in the near future and use it as my OG? If so when should I do this?
My hydrometer was bad. I went and got a new one today and compared the readings between the two in regular water and the difference was significant. I am in ggod shape now.
it really IS that hard to mix a partial extract boil into the top off water.

on extract recipes you really cannot miss your OG if you did the recipe right and topped off to 5 gallons. You can even skip the OG reading if you like. Extract gravity really is that predictable.