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Along the same lines as Bryan says, I use the free 15 Gb that comes with having a google mail address, that's enough for me. If I wanted more I'd probably go with the Google Drive pricing. Nice thing is I can access those files straight from my phone, tablet, computer, heck just about anything. I also encourage DVD backups of really important stuff like tax records, I figure they will last at least that 7 years I have to keep records around for. I think I pay the $100 MS tax, for now, but probably when I get down to one computer in the house (yeah that'll never really happen, that's like only owning 10 carboys), I'll drop that and revert to free versions of similar products when it doesn't matter if I can read the latest spreadsheet macros.
Yeah, I think you get free space with Windows 11 Pro and we have about 5 gmail addresses between the family members. I'm just old school and don't necessarily like stuff in the cloud. I moved the hard drives over one at a time to the new system and unloaded what I needed. The biggest thing was 56G of images since 2002 when I got my first digital camera. Pulled a few to embarrass my 16 year old daughter today as it's her b-day.

Makes me feel pretty old looking at some of those images...

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