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Jan 24, 2010
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So I have 2 Mist type kits under bottle with 1 Pinot Grigio clarifying and 1 KenRidge Classic Merlot in secondary fermentation. I started with the two Mist kits so I would have something to drink immediately. I now have a good rotation that I can enjoy some wine while the others are in their cycle.

So what now? I can start a 6 to 12 month kit without much concern. I am actually thinking about gifts for Christmas (I make bottle stoppers as well).

The only restrictions I have are to keep it under $100 - 1 White, 1 Red. I know someone will say, 'What do you like?' but honestly wine is still new to me I'm open to recommendations.

Any suggestions?

Any wineries close by?

I've found the best way to decide what kits to try is to go to wineries and taste away. I'll try a wide variety of wines, buy a few bottles of what I like and then look for kits of the same style.

Most wineries don't charge for tastings, the ones that do usually only charge a few dollars.

There's as much personality in wineries as there are people. Some a pretty snooty, some have 'brew on premises' and some even sell kits along with the wine they sell.

Other than that - make what you've liked in the past. Don't be afraid to make the same kit again.
Are you talking 1 white and 1 red, both for under $100? I dont think you are going to get a decent red kit for much less then around $90!
Like others will tell you taste is very subjective. As far as a white goes I would suggest the best Gewürztraminer you could buy. It is very good and semi dry.
Are you talking 1 white and 1 red, both for under $100? I dont think you are going to get a decent red kit for much less then around $90!

$100 each would be the plan. I should be able to get a nice red kit for $100 and a white one for $100
OK, thats better, yiou sure can get a real nice white wine and probably dont even need to spend that much on a white but the reds will require the bigger bucks. What kits do yiou have available to you where you are or are you buying off a specifice website? Do you tend to like sweeter whites or very dry whites? I would spend a little more on the red and less on the white and I believe you will be much happier this way. I would go with a grape skin kit for the red wine like a RJS Cellar Classic Winery Series or a Cellar Craft Showcase or Im sure Cpfan can recommend one of the other brands that I cant really get over here without spending some big cash on shipping. Id do the RJS Super Tuscan or the Syrah.!

Then Id go with a lesser size white wine like a the RJS Grand Cru International Gewurtztraminer for a semi sweet white wine or a Piesporter or if you are looking for a dry white then the Sauvignon Blanc or the Chardonnay.
$100 each would be the plan. I should be able to get a nice red kit for $100 and a white one for $100

So..can you tell who favors red and who favors whites :f. I hate to say it but, Wade is right, LOL. :gbSpend less on the white and more on the red. I just started making reds and definitely spent more on them. I am counting on my tastes changing in the next 12-18 months when these will be ready to drink. No Problem holding off for me since I lean toward the whites right now and my cellar is fully stocked.

Without knowing where you live it's pretty tough to figure out the pricing. Is it $100Cdn or $100US? Not that there's a big diff at the moment (about 5%). The only brand you mentioned is Ken Ridge (and the Classic Merlot is the favourite house red around here), so I'll stick with that brand.

I can get the Ken Ridge Showcase German Gewurztraminer for $92 Cdn, and that has been our favourite white since it was first released. Their New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc is also very good for same price.

Picking a red is so tough because of different tastes. Ken Ridge Showcase reds cost me $96 Cdn. I can easily recommend the Australian Shiraz, Italian Amarone, and New Zealand Pinot Noir. The rest are probably just as good but I don't have experience with them.

BTW, if you update the Location field in the Control Panel, we can often give much better answers to questions like this. Heck I could have changed my Niagara Region prices to Calgary prices if that was applicable.

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the WE that I like is Luna Rossa if you want a big red. It's a regular one here. Good luck. :dg

If you are going to pay less for the white and more for the red then take a look at the WE Lodi Ranch 11 Cabernet Sav
I am in Canada and have access to several distributors. No need for Mail order or anything like that. I like the idea of spending slightly less on white and a bit more on Red.

keep the suggestions coming.
I have made the 10L RJ Merlot kit, and after 6 months it tastes really great in my book. It was only $70 US. I've also tried some of the cheaper kits off Amazon, they are only $42 but make a fairly generic/simple wine, I would getting at least a 10L kit for a 6gal batch.

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