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  1. M

    Reverse Oxidation?

    Hey all, I am brewing my first grape wine kit after lots of experience with country wines. I have never had my other wines oxidize, and I am generally very careful to prevent it. However, I just tasted a sample of my shiraz blend kit that I decided to bulk age instead of bottling right away...
  2. E

    Other Recommendation for good white wine kit

    Hi everyone. I am running low on white wine and need to make a batch soon. I have tried a Master Vintner Chardonnay 6 gallon kit and it turned out fine. However, is there anything better out there? Always looking for better! Would prefer to stay with a 6 gallon size. Also not really...
  3. Davielovesgravy

    Other Get the best out of SG Platinum Cab Sauv kit

    Howdy all you wonderful squiffers. I’ve just put a highly recommended Solomon Grundy Platinum Cabernet Sauvignon kit on to ferment and just wondered if anyone has any tips for getting the very best out of this particular kit please? Mainly fermenting time, checking after 5days and bottling in...
  4. Davielovesgravy

    Other Recommendations for wine kit to suit my price range and taste please??

    Hi all, I am looking for some recommendations for cheaper 30 bottle wine kits that may suit my taste please. I want cheaper as I am out of work at the mo so times are a bit tight. The only wine kits I’ve made so far are the MYO white and red kits from The Range, they were both ok, drinkable...
  5. Amandolin

    Brown tinge in red blend kit

    I started a red wine blend from a kit a few months ago. I left it in the primary longer than was necessary but otherwise followed all the instructions. I’ve made at least 5 kit wines previously so while not an expert I feel like I avoided any rookie mistakes. It’s been in the secondary carboy...
  6. S

    Vineco Signature; 23L or 30L fermentation vessel?

    Hi, The instructions on my Vineco Signature Series kit say to use a 30L primary fermentation vessel, but I only have 2x23L vessels; is this ok? I have only made one beginners kit before; it came with 2x23L fermentation vessels, it seemed to go to plan and it tasted... ok. For the next one I...
  7. TheCoolkid

    First batch. 1 gallon winexpert cab sauv kit

    Hi everyone, I started up my first batch of kit wine 3 days ago, I am about 80 hours into primary fermentation now. It is a 1 gallon winexpert cab sauv kit. It has been holding steady in the 75 degree range and there is still no action in the airlock. The lid of the bucket is locked tight. Could...
  8. stian84aa

    Off taste on Eclipse Nebbiolo kit

    Xmas 2018 i set a Eclipse Nebbiolo kit. Today i finally got around to taste it after my holiday and something seems off. Its is pretty good but it got a bit of sour taste. It isnt that strong but it is there. What i did/didnt do: After the i finished all the steps in the recipe it let it age...
  9. rustbucket

    WineXpert Piesporter Wine Kit

    In 2017, I bottled the Winexpert Selection Original Piesporter Style Wine Kit. This wine is very well liked by a few of my neighbors wives. Unfortunately, I only have 6 bottles left. Winexpert no longer has this kit listed on their website. Checking my local wine kit supplier, as well as every...
  10. C

    Color of Cab @ 3 months aging?

    Just making sure. My Winexpert Lodi ranch 11 cab kit is now aged 3 months. The color is a medium dark reddish purple. See photo. Most cabs I have ever seen have this dark purple color but maybe this is different. Just concerned about oxidation. Is mine pretty par for the course at this point...
  11. C

    Degassing tips?

    Hey all. I am making the winexpert cab sav 6 gallon with grape skins. SG was .995 for a couple days so I racked it to glass carboy. I used the drill and attachment to degas per instructions. I went back and forth for a good 8-10 minutes but still gassy. Don’t want to overdo it. Do you recommend...
  12. TikiWine

    Fizzy Moscato?

    I recently had a nice Moscato that wasn't too sweet or too crisp. It had a nice flavor and a slight fizz about it. I am trying to figure out how to do this with a wine kit. Any thoughts?
  13. B

    Adding extra concentrate to must - can I seal and re-use concentrate?

    Had no idea how to title this question... I enjoy making the reds from must, we have a decent supplier in Montreal. However, would love to increase the body and concentration in reds, especially Cabernet Sauvignon, Syrah, and co. I'm thinking of getting a a good kit (WE Eclipse seem...
  14. mjenkins

    Specific Gravity Question

    I prepared my must according to kit instructions, added my grape skins pack and stirred vigorously. I took the initial SG reading of 1.080. I took the reading twice to make sure I had it correct. I decided to use a different yeast than came with the kit because I like to play with things. I...
  15. Amandolin

    Which stage is better to leave for a few days - primary or secondary

    Hi all, I'm doing my first batch using a Wild Grapes Merlot kit and adding a reserve (flavor) pack a friend had leftover from one of their kits. (Black Raspberry Merlot - I figure at least if the wine itself is "meh" it'll at least be fruity?) The stats: Current stage: primary fermentation...
  16. Skibum Ben

    Cellar Craft Amarone (1st kit with skins and EM)

    Hello everyone, I am a newb here and will be making my 4th kit in a week or so. It is the Cellar Craft Showcase Amarone. After reading numerous posts on this site I am going to do an extended maceration for ~6 weeks. Below is my plan of attack and welcome any recommendations or suggestions...

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  18. Nova_Scotia_Canada

    Low initial specific gravity

    So I'm on my second wine kit, identical to my first (which turned out really well), it's a Chardonnay. But with the second kit, the initial specific gravity was low (about 0.9 when it should have been over 1.05). I added sugar to get it up to where it should be, but my question is, why would...
  19. Jon Hunwick

    Vancouver Islander here to drink and be merry!

    Hello all! I don't want to do a whole infodump on myself when most of my info is in my profile, but long story short, I'm a young kit winemaker working in British Columbia looking to expand on my skills and hone the craft. I've made a few hundred kits through work so far and I'm really wanting...
  20. Monty Knapp

    WineXpert Deviating from kit instructions

    I'm getting ready to start a new kit (6 gallon). WineXpert Eclipse Shiraz, Barbarossa Valley, Australia. I'm thinking about deviating from the instructions a little. I came across an article named "Extended Instructions for Making Wine From Kits". These instructions take a 28 day kit and stretch...