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  1. stian84aa

    Off taste on Eclipse Nebbiolo kit

    Xmas 2018 i set a Eclipse Nebbiolo kit. Today i finally got around to taste it after my holiday and something seems off. Its is pretty good but it got a bit of sour taste. It isnt that strong but it is there. What i did/didnt do: After the i finished all the steps in the recipe it let it age...
  2. rustbucket

    WineXpert Piesporter Wine Kit

    In 2017, I bottled the Winexpert Selection Original Piesporter Style Wine Kit. This wine is very well liked by a few of my neighbors wives. Unfortunately, I only have 6 bottles left. Winexpert no longer has this kit listed on their website. Checking my local wine kit supplier, as well as every...
  3. C

    Color of Cab @ 3 months aging?

    Just making sure. My Winexpert Lodi ranch 11 cab kit is now aged 3 months. The color is a medium dark reddish purple. See photo. Most cabs I have ever seen have this dark purple color but maybe this is different. Just concerned about oxidation. Is mine pretty par for the course at this point...
  4. C

    Degassing tips?

    Hey all. I am making the winexpert cab sav 6 gallon with grape skins. SG was .995 for a couple days so I racked it to glass carboy. I used the drill and attachment to degas per instructions. I went back and forth for a good 8-10 minutes but still gassy. Don’t want to overdo it. Do you recommend...
  5. TikiWine

    Fizzy Moscato?

    I recently had a nice Moscato that wasn't too sweet or too crisp. It had a nice flavor and a slight fizz about it. I am trying to figure out how to do this with a wine kit. Any thoughts?
  6. B

    Adding extra concentrate to must - can I seal and re-use concentrate?

    Had no idea how to title this question... I enjoy making the reds from must, we have a decent supplier in Montreal. However, would love to increase the body and concentration in reds, especially Cabernet Sauvignon, Syrah, and co. I'm thinking of getting a a good kit (WE Eclipse seem...
  7. M

    Specific Gravity Question

    I prepared my must according to kit instructions, added my grape skins pack and stirred vigorously. I took the initial SG reading of 1.080. I took the reading twice to make sure I had it correct. I decided to use a different yeast than came with the kit because I like to play with things. I...
  8. Amandolin

    Which stage is better to leave for a few days - primary or secondary

    Hi all, I'm doing my first batch using a Wild Grapes Merlot kit and adding a reserve (flavor) pack a friend had leftover from one of their kits. (Black Raspberry Merlot - I figure at least if the wine itself is "meh" it'll at least be fruity?) The stats: Current stage: primary fermentation...
  9. Skibum Ben

    Cellar Craft Amarone (1st kit with skins and EM)

    Hello everyone, I am a newb here and will be making my 4th kit in a week or so. It is the Cellar Craft Showcase Amarone. After reading numerous posts on this site I am going to do an extended maceration for ~6 weeks. Below is my plan of attack and welcome any recommendations or suggestions...
  10. Homebrewit.com

    Reserve Your Winexpert LE18 Kits for Just $1

    Five Renowned Regions - Five spectacular Wines! Winexpert™ continues to raise the bar each year with its Limited Edition program, and this year of 2018 is no different! The kits are available by pre-order only, and you must reserve your kits by Wednesday November 28th, 2018. We'll start shipping...
  11. Nova_Scotia_Canada

    Low initial specific gravity

    So I'm on my second wine kit, identical to my first (which turned out really well), it's a Chardonnay. But with the second kit, the initial specific gravity was low (about 0.9 when it should have been over 1.05). I added sugar to get it up to where it should be, but my question is, why would...
  12. Jon Hunwick

    Vancouver Islander here to drink and be merry!

    Hello all! I don't want to do a whole infodump on myself when most of my info is in my profile, but long story short, I'm a young kit winemaker working in British Columbia looking to expand on my skills and hone the craft. I've made a few hundred kits through work so far and I'm really wanting...
  13. Monty Knapp

    WineXpert Deviating from kit instructions

    I'm getting ready to start a new kit (6 gallon). WineXpert Eclipse Shiraz, Barbarossa Valley, Australia. I'm thinking about deviating from the instructions a little. I came across an article named "Extended Instructions for Making Wine From Kits". These instructions take a 28 day kit and stretch...
  14. W

    WineXpert Kit Chemistry Off?

    Hi all, I've just begun making wine from a kit: Selection Premium Vieux Chateau Du Roi (Chateauneuf du Pape) I'm going to follow the instructions, except for the sorbate. I've added the water & bentonite per the instructions, mixed (did not start fermentation), and took some chemistry...
  15. ou8amaus

    Making a Port style wine from a Standard Wine Kit

    Recently I tried tweaking a lower end kit by reducing the water added, and making it to 5 gallon instead of 6 gallon. Along with a homemade frozen grape pack, extra tannin and extra oak... Overall I was pleased with the result (needs a little more aging time). I have also made a couple of Port...
  16. ou8amaus

    Packlab Adding vanilla flavour to kit

    I have a couple of the low end Paklab kits in primaries and I am pulling together a few tweaks on one of them just to see what the potential of tweaks are. For the cab I have added dextrose and blackberry jam to the primary, and will be adding Zanth currents and oak to the secondary. I would...
  17. pmf2000

    Looking for Kit Recommendations

    So I have 2 Mist type kits under bottle with 1 Pinot Grigio clarifying and 1 KenRidge Classic Merlot in secondary fermentation. I started with the two Mist kits so I would have something to drink immediately. I now have a good rotation that I can enjoy some wine while the others are in their...
  18. cpfan

    Making Your Kit Shine

    For those kit wine makers out there, there is a blog entry at the Winemaker magazine site from Tim V of Winexpert. Skip down to the Extended Schedule section. http://winemakermag.com/blogs/Making-Your-Kit-Wine-Shine-Redeaux.html Steve