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  1. E

    Other Recommendation for good white wine kit

    Hi everyone. I am running low on white wine and need to make a batch soon. I have tried a Master Vintner Chardonnay 6 gallon kit and it turned out fine. However, is there anything better out there? Always looking for better! Would prefer to stay with a 6 gallon size. Also not really...
  2. Mango Madness

    Yeast Amount in My Wine

    I currently have a 60L brew of Watermelon and Strawberries. The yeast which was CL23 says one pack per 25L but I have only put one pack for the 60L brew. I believe the yeast grow? Will it get itself to the right level needed or am I slowing down fermentation? It seems to be bubbling away nicely.
  3. pmf2000

    Looking for Kit Recommendations

    So I have 2 Mist type kits under bottle with 1 Pinot Grigio clarifying and 1 KenRidge Classic Merlot in secondary fermentation. I started with the two Mist kits so I would have something to drink immediately. I now have a good rotation that I can enjoy some wine while the others are in their...