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Oct 26, 2008
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Okay, getting ready to start my second batch and would appreciate, as always your help/advice. I started with a variety of frozen juice concentrates (enough to make 4.5 gals), to this I added 12 cups sugar and brought the SG up to 1.110@60 degrees F. To this I am going to dissolve 1/2 tsp. of sodium meta in 4.25oz.(125ml), of this I will use 3 1/3 oz.(100ml) of this solution and disregard the rest, this is according to the first recipe I followed. I am also going to add 1 TBLS of yeast nutrient. I am going to stir this thoroughly and allow to set before pitching the yeast when the temp of the juice is adequate. I am going to use RedStar Pasteur Red yeast,(couldn't find champagne yeast). After activating, should I stir it in or just pour it on top? What is the alcohol tolerance for this yeast? Does it sound like I'm on the right track? Thanks for all your help.
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Pastuer red has a tolerance of 16%. Not sure why you are doing this sulfite solution this way, you are wasting some that is not needed. Does any of the concentrates that you are using included sorbate, benzoate or metabislfite. If it has any of the first 2 then find another juice, if it has any sulfite then go much lighter on the additional sufites you are gong to add or add none at all as they are already in there. The usual amount of nutrient per gallon is 1 tbl. spoon, I always add 1/2 tsp of energizer per gallon too. i dont see pectic enzyme in your recipe and would add that if I were you. There are no fruit in there to be broken down by the pectic enzyme but there may be pectin that will cause a pectin haze and make your wine difficult to clear later.
Hey Wade, not to concerned about haze at this point. I realized on the first batch that patience was the first ingredient. 16% works for me! Not trying to win an award at this stage. HeeHee. I only used one TBLS of yeast nutrient for 5 gals, think thats enough? Already pitched the yeast so now I'm on my way. Started with good juice, no nasties you mentioned. The solution for the sulfites came from the first recipe I tried before I joined this forumn, do you think it's to much/little? What would you recommmend? Haven't seen the foam I've heard about. Thanks. Greetings, Troy

I agree with Wade.

Foam is not always a sign of fermentation.
Bubbles in the wine or airlock are.
Even better is measuring a sample with your hydrometer.
But when the airlock is bubbling be sure that the wine is fermenting.

When there is already sulphite in the juice do not add any more. Adding more sulphite might stun the yeast which slows down fermentation. It will ferment in the end but there will be a considerable lag time before it starts.
Most store bought juices will be sterile as manufacturers will not want people getting sick from their juices......
So if there is no sulphite in the juice present just add a bit to keep the nasties that float in the air and might get into the wine under control.
Most cultivated yeast we buy in LHBS are sulphite tolerant so adding a small dose will not harm the fermentation.

Thanks Luc, pretty confident about the quality of the juice read the lables close. Confident this batch will work. Did you spot anything else in the description of this batch that seems off? Pitched the yeast 12 hrs ago, so nothing to report thus far. Sure enjoy hearing from you, thanks.
You might want to add more nutrient especially if its not grape juiceas grape juice has more nutrients in there then most other juices. Haze is very important to worry about now as its much harder to get rid of later, if you have a local wine supply store get some pectic enzyme, its cheap and will last you a long time.
You should always add this unless its a kit wine and it wont hurt it at all.
Like I said Wade, I only added 1 TBLS of nutrient for 4.5 gals. How much more should I add? Should I stir it in or spribkle it. Piyched the yeast about 24 hrs ago and am just now seeing a little acttivity, but I've learned enough to be patient.