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Mar 30, 2009
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I cut some pears up for freezing and I put them in water with a little lemon juice in it until I got them in freezer bags, and it kept the pears from turning brown. I drained them before putting them in the bags. will the lemon juice hurt the flavor of the wine made with them?

the lemon juice will add citric acid.. and pear wine needs acid anyway.

Thanks Allie I guess I can go ahead and cut and freeze the rest of them now..:b
go for it,

the added benefit is a nice clarity,

When you actually make the wine.. a lot of recipes don't mention adding lemon juice.. probably because everyone uses an acid kit ( which I don't use)

I like the sharpness the lemon adds. Pear Wine is sickeningly sweet when finished, due to unfermentable sorbates and it differs from hybrid to hybrid.

My taste is not your taste.. so if you like really sweet country wines.. I'm sure the contrast lemon juice adds to complexity will still be welcomed. If you prefer more contrast, use lemonjuice as an F-pac..just leave out the sugar.

Is it fresh lemon juice or from a pack.

Commercially sold juice might have sulphite on it, so stay
low on the sulphite additions, as quantities added to the juice
is unknown.

Lemon juice ads citric acid but far less as you would expect.
However measure acidity before making the wine.

You can find the complete story I did on this here:

we have used lemon juice for apples, too. can't beat FRESH fruit!!!!

a pH tester is your friend. it's friends with the hydrometer and therefore, you should be friends with both. lol