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Jun 22, 2009
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I'll post this here, being I am still a beginner and maybe too, some of the other beginners will learn from my mistakes.
I made a peach/pineapple wine and after racking several times and degassing, I let it sit a little while more.
Finally I bottled her up.
I was certain I had added my sorbate and sulfites.
Well I was sitting here in my office/winery and yep,
a cork blew!
Now I'm not sure if I didn't add the sorbate, or I didn't add enough.
I quickly took the bottles down stairs to my utility room and put them in a wash sink incase any more launched the cork into space. So far no more have done so.
I've taken a couple of clear bottles and opened them to recork.
It is some of the best bubblie you can imagine. The first one the bubbles overflowed like champange and then sat there with fine bubbles rising in the bottle for minutes.
I think I will recork most of the twenty so bottles and add some sorbate too.
But I'm going to keep a few as bubblie!
Now what is the chances if I go to the trouble of wiring the cork in, the bottles might explode.
The ones I've opened so far have had a little pop upon opening, but nothing drastic.
The ones that blew were bottles I had bought wine in and I think the cork might have been just a bit small.
How much was this wine back sweetened? If you have alot of sugar left you might have exploding bottles if you keep it in regular bottles and wire down the corks.
The first thing to remedy is your record keeping. Keep a file on every wine from beginning to end without omitting any actions taken during the process and you'll avoid this kind of dilemma. As for the bottles you haven't uncorked or don't want to uncork I'd refrigerate these ASAP to slow or stop the fermentation.
Yeah, I got started with my record keeping and then got lazy.
There is really not alot of pressure in the bottles. I'm pretty sure the ones that blew the cork out, the corks went in pretty easy. That's why I think the store bought bottle was a little larger than some of the others.
I've recorked almost all of them and added a sorbate mixture.
I'll probably only save a couple for this coming holiday season with the pressure still there. Might as well have my own bubbly for the new years.
Adding a sorbate mixture to a wine that is fermenting wont do anything!!!!!!! It only works on a fermentation that is done. You need to let these finish fermenting agin then add stabilizer and sweeten again. You are asking for bottle bombs!!!!

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