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Jun 7, 2009
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I have a 7.5 gallon french oak barrel, but only a 5 gallon wine batch (experimental batch using frozen Cab must). The specific gravity is ideal right now, so I really would prefer not watering it down, and would prefer not to have to worry about topping off constantly. What I was thinking of doing is taking a plastic bag, punch several holes in it, and then put in some oxygen absorbers (5 x 2000cc) with a tell tab (indicates oxygen presence by color). I would then suspend it into the barrel using a string. Ox absorbers are also very cheap (< .25 each), so the cost is reasonable...

The advantage of this method (in theory) is not only does it remove all of the head space oxygen, but it would also continue to absorb any additional oxygen due to evaporation. Also, seeing as they do not have any taste whatsoever, then should not affect the taste while the would provide allot of insurance against any spoilage potential.

Can anyone come up with any reason why this is not a good idea??
I think you are nuts for trying it but then again they tell me I am nuts too. :DWhy not fill the void with glass bricks or some other sterilizable item? Drop em in the bottom to take up space. No feed back please on any above remarks thanks,:) Steve

You lost me when you mentioned oxygen absorbers.

One and a half gallons of sterilised marbles would work though... recyclable and cheaper than topping off the wine constantly.

Never tried this and dont know what to say but not really thrilled about the idea and I wouldnt do it but its your wine and please tell us if the experiment works ok.
I have not the faintest clue what oxygen absorbers are.
Can anyone fill me in ???

What is their normal use ???
What are they made off ???
Pictures please ????

I like the marble idea best, it's what I do. However, I do know that some people, (my barber) use olive or mineral oil on top of the wine. I have never heard of an oxygen absorber. Do you lay them on top of the wine or pour it over the wine. :?
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