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Fiesty Winer
Aug 9, 2009
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Anybody tried this?

* 1 lb loaf rye bread
* 1/4 cup light raisins
* 2 cups granulated sugar
* 1 package ale yeast
* 1 gallon water

Chop or tear bread into small pieces. Place in a straining bag. Put bag in primary fermentor.

Boil water and sugar together. Pour over the bread and add raisins. Let sit overnight. Add yeast.

After 24 hours, remove bag of bread.

Stir daily for two or three days, until frothing stops.

Siphon liquid into loosely capped containers and refrigerate. It is now ready to drink.

Are you going to try it Leanne? Would love feedback from you if you do.. but no..reading that recipe doesn't inspire me to try it.

Will you make the bread yourself if you do try it?

Yes Allie, I thought I might try it just for fun. I will bake the bread as I love doing it and it makes house smell so nice. I can't really imagine the flavour though. It should be interesting.
Sounds interesting, was that a pic of you in your old avatar, if so I miss the eye candy! :h
LMAO you guys! :) It was me. I got bored with looking at myself.
Prison huh? I guess they would be able to make it sneakily. They'd have to use bread yeast I'm guessing. Fascinating.
Let us know how it comes out. Sounds more like a beer than a wine and a nasty beer but hey, I have drank things I thought would kill me and they were great. :d

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