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Oct 26, 2008
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I wanted to take a moment to say thanks to all of the experienced winemakers in here for all the patience and knowledge you have shared, not only with me, but for all the rest who visit here! It doesn't go unrecognized!! You have all displayed a level of patience and understanding for us "newbies" that shows you really care about this hobby/obsession. If we didn't have you, who have went before us, we would have noone to learn from. Thank You!
I completely, and with the utmost Heartfelt Sincerity second Sid's words. With out you I would be burning yeast, I would be trowing away batches before it started, and not watching the Temp. I have learned a lot form you wine sage's. You are way better than a FAQ or a general web guide. My friend (skyzaus aka:Zeek) and I greatly appreciate you knowledge to the point where this forum has become the very first place we come to check if we have any misgivings on what we need to do. Thank you 1000 fold.:)
I also wanted to thanks for putting up with my sarcasmn! I am still human. Tonight I begin rolling my hair, and drinking a bit of my labor. Amd to each of you....SKOAL!
JAH will never leave me by the wayside. If I can pass along only a small amount of the knowledge you have shared with me, iyt is sure to comr back arouund,
I agree with what is said in this thread because I would have never tried to leave the kits to go to bigger/better things if not for the help here.. I wonder how long it would have been till I ran into trouble with a kit & just gave up this wine-making?? All that $$ spent of the equipment & supplies would have been a real waste!!
SO Thanks alot ~~ :D
Most of us are only paying it forward all though there might be 1 or 2 of us here that have learned it the hard way(on their own) as forums werent around many years ago!
First time I have seen an admin or moderator on this forum unless they are not listed as moderators or admin. Welcome! :)
First time I have seen an admin or moderator on this forum unless they are not listed as moderators or admin. Welcome! :)
There's another one who shows up once in a while (forget his name). He's bust running a winery and forgets about us. Just think about all the stuff that we taught him!!!! :p

I am good freinds with smurf as me and him moderate another forum but he is a busy man now and really doesnt have much time on his hands, hes too busy saving ves and stuff like that as Im pretty sure he is EMS.