Its down again!

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Mar 1, 2009
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It sure is great to be part of this wine forum. There is another forum that has been down more then its been up the last two months. Its down again!:brn I wouldn't of known that but someone south of me told me about it! LOL
If you are talking about WinePress, which has been down lately, it's up. I follow three forums and they're all good
Lurker, I agree. Every forum has a different personality and you can learn something from each. As you know we will pick on each other here, when we get to know each other, but all in fun.
WinePress was indeed down for a short while yesterday. I assume they needed to lock the database to complete some forum maintenance or implement one of the many new features they are trying to get in place. It has been horribly slow at making posts, unlike this forum which is very speedy indeedy.
This is a nice forum. If I didn't like it I would not be here. But the same goes for the other forums that I'm on including Winepress. I just don't think we should gloat when one is up and the other is down.
People, Winepress is a huge forum, Im guessing that if this 1 was that big we would probably need som e downtime and reconfiguring also. Maybe not though cause this forum is also part of the same server that is on since this is the siter site to that and that is a very big forum also (probably as big as Winepress but for beer) and togehther we are probably bigger. Im not gloating here I am also a member there but dont care for the mass amounts there, I just cant keep up with anything what woth running this forum and modding and also adminning and