I will now addmit that I made chocolate wine

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Feb 2, 2009
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Howdy All. Sometime ago, I asked either here or another site a nubee question about Chocolate wine. So many folks and addvertisements rant and rave about a hint of chocolate taste or scent in fine wines. I asked if anyone made chocolate wine. Everyone shyed away from it like it was a sickness. So I decided to experment with a gallon. I wasn't going to say anything to anybody about it untill it was finished and I had something drinkable. Well the verdict is in and it aint too bad. It is a little thin. If I were to do it again, I would add some bananas.
I used 3/4 cup of Hershey's Cocoa
4 1/2cups of sugar
Normal range of chemicals
Bottled water
Red Star Montrachet
Starting SG 1.10 Finished at .95
Racked twice in secondaries
After five months I had no sedement but still a very cloudy wine. Sparkloid did nothing to it. So a month later I used some Super-Kleer KC within the day it cleared to a beautiful redish coffee color. Back sweetened to 1.035 added my Pot/Sorb and am waiting for my turn to borrow the floor corker.
It smells just like cocoa but has a very nice soft subtle taste. And plenty sweet.
Well congrats on the experiment. I have to say I haven't heard of anyone else trying it. Thats what it's all about though. Blazing your own path. Who wants to drink what everyone else is! :r
I dont remember this post of you asking as I did make a Chocolate strawberry wine which thought was weak and actually modified when done and turned it into a port which is now pretty darn good.
Wow...sounds good, something I never made and yet...it made me sit up in my chair and take notice! Care to share?:h
Sure I will share. We really don't drink much of the stuff we make. We just give most of it away. I do like drinking the Maderia we make but the common wines just go bye bye.
Wade, on your chocolate/strawberry port a couple of questions please. What type of chocolate base did you start with to ferment? You stated that it was "modified" how so? And do you think that ageing will do anything for my wine?
With just a gallon, shareing it all just might keep me from having to bottle it up.
My recipe is under Recipes/Chocolate Strawberry port. It started as a Jack Keller recipe but when it was done I felt it was very weak even though I upped the fruit and chocolate I believe(cant remember) I used the Ghirardelli Cocoa powder as I belive they make a better product then Hersheys.

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