How many gallons of Lon D's Skeeter Pee have been made?

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Just started my first batch of dragons blood an hour ago 6 gal
Fun fact this is my 2nd batch of wine ever my first was 6 gal a strawberry still in carboy be ready for 2nd racking this weekend
3847+1 = 3848. trying to learn on small batches. Difficult to drink 5 gallons by myself.
Just noticed this thread, but have been making various flavors of SP since 2012. Counting Strawberry and Blackberry batches going right now (gotta have some ready for Spring mowing) my 8 year total is 20 @ 5 gallon batches. We even served Blueberry SP at my daughter's wedding reception and it was the first to disappear.

3848 + 100 = 3948

@Lori226 - I use reuse Grolsch beer bottles for SP, which makes single servings easier and easier to share with friends. It takes a little less than 2 cases of the bottles for 5 gallons of SP.
Made 1 gallon of SP to try it, and have 4 gallons of Dragonette in secondary.

4024+1+4= 4029

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