How many gallons of Lon D's Skeeter Pee have been made?

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I made my first 6 of skeeter in Feb, 3335 + 6 = 3341
I am now bottling my first batch of dragon's blood 3341 + 6 = 3347
I have 6 of Skeeter Pee and 6 of Dragon’s Blood in carboys at the moment

3347 + 12 = 3359
6 gallons every summer the past 4 years. Margarita wine variant.

Two batches of Skeeter Pee and one Dragon’s Blood.: 3395+18=3413
Was just starting another DB and realized I have never contributed to this thread.

I've done 2x6Gal batches of SP and 3 (now 4) 6 Gal batches of DB:

3441 + 12 + 24 = 3477
6 Gallon batch, cut into gallon jugs and flavored, pink lemonade,lemonade,blackcherry, rasberry and sweet tea. The last gallon is on reserve to see which i like best. I put into beer bottles to make single serve portions.

3483+6= 3489 gallons

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